Remove the complexities of trading electronically with multiple suppliers, empowering you to make clear and accurate decisions, through complete supply chain visibility. With one view of performance, based on accurate, impartial data from all trading partners, you can work with your suppliers to improve performance.

  • Free up your IT department without losing control
  • Include all suppliers in your B2B/EDI initiative
  • Onboard suppliers quickly and easily
  • Gain insight into your suppliers’ performance

Trading electronically with suppliers via EDI can be a complex task, involving multiple communication methods, formats and protocols. The process is often not only complicated, but also costly and inefficient. As more suppliers come on board, the various dimensions, permutations and costs of EDI increase further.

All Inclusive

TrueCommerce’s EDI managed service can be used by your suppliers regardless of their technical capabilities. A web portal enables suppliers who are unable to interface with their business systems to view, acknowledge and ship orders, and to create invoices. A wide range of formats are available to your suppliers, including XML, CSV, EDI, and application-specific formats as used by Sage, SAP, Navision and many others. TrueCommerce’s hosted EDI service converts messages between your suppliers’ format and that required by your business systems.

Fixed Cost

Through a fixed annual fee, with no hidden or variable costs, you can accurately forecast your EDI costs and understand up front, any additional costs, for adding new suppliers.

Hassle Free Implementation and Supplier Onboarding

We manage the entire implementation process for you – from communicating with your suppliers regarding the most appropriate method of getting them connected, to testing connections and providing the necessary training to you and your suppliers. Read more >

Fully Managed, Outsourced B2B/EDI

We offer a hosted service with no hardware or software in your environment. Our complete B2B service, includes:

  • Support for all required message types and communication methods.
  • A team of specialists who look after the day-to-day running of your EDI service.
  • A team pro-actively monitoring for message validation errors and resolving issues, in many cases without having to involve you.

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Supplier Performance Management

Our Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) functionality gives you the visibility and control needed to enhance supply chain performance:

  • Real time monitoring and analysis of transactions, offering insight into supplier performance.
  • Automated alerting of non-compliance, allowing remedial action to be taken.
  • Flexible dashboard configured to provide views of your specific KPI’s.

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